Chestnut-breasted Whiteface is one of the most difficult species for birders to see, because of its very small distribution in remote outback locations, and its elusive nature. It has recently disappeared from one of its key locations leaving only a few spots where it can still reliably be found. This year we’re offering a short […]


This tour is desgined to link our preceding Nine Grass-wren and following Tropical & Far-North Queensland bird-ing tours, as a pleasant alternative to get from Mount Isa to Cairns. It can be taken as a stand-alone tour as well. We will be exploring the Gulf and Savannah country, the stark landscape around Mount Isa and […]


Tropical & Far North Queensland (the area around Cairns and all the way up the Cape York Peninsula) is without doubt one of Australia’s top birding destinations. A variety of tropical habitats including rainforests, palm-fringed beaches, mangrove-lined mudflats, tropical savannahs and cool mountain ranges result in a bird diversity unparalleled elsewhere in the country. During […]


During our recent trip to Ethiopia, we found that birding there is unexpectedly easy, the birds plentiful and approachable. During our exploratory trip we had no less than 355 species in an action-packed 9 days, without too much hard work. In addition we saw some great mammals, including the rare lynx-like Caracal, and even Ethiopian […]


Australia, the land of parrots. Over 50 species in all! Our 16 day tour is designed to connect participants with approximately half of these gorgeous and charismatic birds! Parrots live in every different habitat found in the country. During our two weeks down under we will visit and target those areas richest in parrot numbers […]


The White-throated Grasswren is one of Australia’s most elusive, endangered and hardest-to-find birds. We’re offering this 4-day tour commencing 27 September 2017 & 18 August 2018. Following our successful White-throated Grasswren expedition last year, we’re proud to offer another short adventure in the Top End wilderness of Australia in search of this most elusive of […]


Now in our 12th year, the 6 Grasswren tour continues to be one of our most popular outback birding tours. This is one of Australia’s epic birding adventures, during which we search for half of all of Australia’s current Grasswren species. This fast-paced trip is not for the faint-hearted, with lots of walking in sometimes […]


This is one of our most popular tours and most years we’re offering 2 departures to cater for the demand, a ‘standard’ tour and a slower-paced ‘comfortable tour’: 11 May 2020 departure – Adelaide to Mt Isa – ‘comfortable’ tour, 16 days (FULL) 30 July 2020 departure – Adelaide to Mt Isa – standard tour, […]


Recently split by taxonomists from the Striated Grasswren, the Sandhill Grasswren Amytornis (striatus) oweni has been on top of many a birder’s wish-list. We are very fortunate to have our Alice Springs-based guide who is familiar with this bird having been fortunate to encounter the species at several locations over the years. We have breeding […]


Grey Grasswren is one of the most difficult Grasswren species for birders to see, because of its very small distribution in remote outback locations, and its elusive nature. It inhabits dense lignum – canegrass swamps in only a few spots on the Birdsville track and along the Qld-NSW border. This year we’re offering a short […]