Bellbird Photo Tours is proud to announce a fantastic opportunity for a small number of privileged bird photographers. Based on the success of Bellbirds’s flagship Nine Grasswrens birding tours, one of Australia’s epic birding adventures, we have totally redesigned this tour to allow for the best photographic opportunities of 9 of Australia’s 13 –odd species of Grasswren: Kalkadoon, Carpentarian, Rusty, Eyrean, Grey, Western, Short-tailed, Thick-billed and Dusky Grasswren. Covering the Kalkadoon ranges around Mt Isa, the famous Birdsville track through the outback, the stark country around Boulia-Winton, the little-known Gawler Ranges and we finish in the Red Centre of Alice Springs.

The focus will be to maximize photographic opportunities of each grasswren, and to do so, we have allocated one afternoon and one morning to each species. Timed to travel through the heart of the outback during the late Australian winter season, the time when Grasswrens are most active, we will have plenty of opportunity during these 15 days to see and photograph many other good outback species. Besides the Grasswrens we have a good chance of sought-after birds like Banded and Chestnut-breasted White-face, Chestnut and Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Gibberbird, Yellow Chat, Inland Dotterel, Flock Bronzewing, Spinifex Pigeon, Painted Finch and even the enigmatic Grey Falcon. Accommodation will be of the highest available standard; the the food will be of the best available, and where we have to take a picnic lunch, it will be gourmet style. We have secured access to some new birding locations exclusively for this tour. The rewards will be some of the best photos of Australia’s most sought-after species: Nine Grasswrens! Add to this wonderful scenery, great camaraderie and a highly recommended guide/photographer: Laurie Ross, seats on this tour are sure to sell out quickly!

Upcoming Scheduled Departures:

There are no upcoming scheduled departures for this tour.Check back soon for details!

Tour Reviews:


“It is difficult to find sufficient superlatives to describe the trip!”

Sue & Peter Jenkins - UK
October 2008

Very Enjoyable and Extremely Productive

“Thank you for the bird guiding. Both days were both very enjoyable and extremely productive. We really appreciated the trouble that you took to ensure that we saw as many (virtually all in fact!) of our ‘wanted’ species!”

R Brace, UK
Dec 2009

Exceptional Skills!

“It’s good to meet someone with such exceptional skills in bird watching!”

L Peters - Australia
May 2012

One of the Very Best Days of Birding

“Thanks to both Peter and Helga for one of the very best days of birding we had during the entire month we were in Australia!”

J & K Munthe - USA
Oct 2012

Spectacular Birds!

Thanks Tim, for a great birding trip! It was a wonderful time, with so many spectacular birds!

Roger and Kathy - USA
November 2016

Excellent Trip

A really excellent trip. Couldn’t have asked for more birds! Also a nice, friendly group.

Nigel - Australia
Jan 2022

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