Kangaroo Island Guiding

Just off the Adelaide coast, Kangaroo Island harbours a unique, diverse wildlife, specialised birds, striking scenery (including remarkable granite formations) and vast wilderness, protected in many reserves. Kangaroo Island Kangaroos, tammar wallabies, echidnas, brush-tailed possums, bottle-nosed dolphins, Australian sea-lions, Australian and New-Zealand Fur Seals and many of the 260 birds listed for the island can be seen year round in their natural habitats during our 4-day guided tour. Key birds include the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo, colonies of Short-tailed Shearwaters, Hooded Plover, Cape Barren Goose, Rock Parrot, the elusive Western Whipbird and the cute Fairy Penguin as well as many sea and land birds.

During this all-inclusive tour you’ll be staying at some of the island’s exclusive accommodation located within its natural wonders. Fully guided, departing from and returning to Adelaide, SA, the itinerary is flexible to allow for extensions or modifications as required. Scroll down to download the brochure or to enquire!

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