Mungerannie Station is situated halfway up the famous Birdsville track in the South Australian outback. Basic but comfortable accommodation at the Mungerannie Roadhouse, on a scenic waterhole among desert-like sand-dunes, provides easy access to the various habitats of the area. It is one of Australia’s least known birding hotspots for outback birdlife, while the stark scenary provides a thought-provoking background. Our field program is focused on immersing you into the beauty of the place slowly observing or photographing its wonderful bird- and wildlife.


The Area

Mungerannie Roadhouse is located 300 km North of Marree and 300 km South of Birdsville, on the halfway point of the Birdsville track. The (mostly dry) Herbert River runs along the property and dissects adjacent Cowarie and Mungerannie Stations. The area is characterised by vast white sand-dunes sparsely covered with vegetation including Cane Grass, the floodplain of the Warberton river in the west and the vast (usually dry) swamps of Goyders Lagoon to the north.

Birds & Wildlife at Mungerannie

The immediate surroundings of Mungerannie are host to a great variety of native birds and mammals. No comprehensive scientific surveys have been carried out but the prolific bird fauna around Mungerannie includes resident species such as Eyrean, Thick-billed and Grey Grasswren, Gibberbird, Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Chirruping Wedgebill, Budgerigar, Banded Whiteface and other resident species while the rare Grey Falcon breeds nearby and Letter-winged Kites are found in some years.

Our birdwatching and bird photography program at Mungerannie

Our field programs at Mungerannie are focused on immersing you into the beauty of the place, taking daily trips to various corners of the surrounding habitats by vehicle and on foot, slowly wandering around observing its wonderful bird- and wildlife or sitting at the waterhole to see what comes in. If you like, pursuing your photographic interests is an option – there are great opportunities for bird and landscape photography here.

Typically our program begins with a pick-up from Adelaide airport and you’ll be transferred to the property. We’ll stay in individual rooms which have communal spaces outside with tables and chairs and bathroom facilities are shared. Meals will be cooked for you by our resident host in the eccentric outback pub. We’ll spend 4 days, 3 nights on the property to fully immerse ourselves into its fantastic ambience. The program of activities can be as busy or relaxed as you like and will be determined in consultation with your guide. At sunset, watching a Grey Falcon roost with a drink in your hand, is definitely one of the highlights.

Scheduled dates

Our field programs at Mungerannie are conducted on request. Please contact us for a full program and pricing.

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