Little Desert National Park is located in the southwest of Victoria. Far from being a desert, the area is covered in dense mallee scrub and heathland. The Little Desert Nature Lodge is centrally located within this vast area and surrounded by beautiful bushland. The National park is criss-crossed by driveable bush tracks and walking trails. Our field program is focused on immersing you into the beauty of the place slowly observing or photographing its wonderful bird- and wildlife.


The Reserve

The Little Desert lies in an area that represents an overlap between the high-rainfall forest regions of the coast, and the dry semi-desert areas of the inland. The Lodge is located 4 hours by road from both Adelaide and Melbourne. The immediate surroundings of the Lodge have small waterholes, walking tracks and Malleefowl mounds. Gnarly old gum trees, the archetypical Banksia trees and the yucca-like Grass trees (Xantorrhea) are dotted around the surrounding heath.

Birds & Wildlife at Little Desert

With the diversity of habitats found at Little Desert, it’s possible to see many species representative of both high-rainfall forest habitats, and the dry semi-desert areas geographic regions: over 230 species of birds call the Little Desert National Park home. The Lodge is located scenically and centrally within this area. Some of the special birds that tend to challenge and fascinate even the most seasoned of bird watchers include Malleefowl, Southern Scrub Robin, Shy Heathwren, Gilbert’s Whistler, Purple-Gaped Honeyeater, Slender-billed Thornbill and Blue-winged Parrot.

Our birdwatching and bird photography program at Little Desert

Our field programs at Little Desert are focused on immersing you into the beauty of the place, taking daily trips to various corners of the park by vehicle and on foot, slowly wandering around observing its wonderful bird- and wildlife or sitting at the waterhole to see what comes in. If you like, pursuing your photographic interests is an option – there are great opportunities for bird and landscape photography here.

Typically our program begins with a pick-up from Adelaide or Melbourne airport and you’ll be transferred to the park. Comfortable private en-suite rooms are available at the Little Desert Nature Lodge, centrally located within this vast area and surrounded by beautiful bushland. Meals will be cooked for you by your guide in the communal kitchen. You’re welcome to participate in the preparation of meals if you like. We’ll spend 4 days, 3 nights on the property to fully immerse ourselves into its fantastic ambience. The program of activities can be as busy or relaxed as you like and will be determined in consultation with your guide. Sitting on a sand dune watching the sun set over the endless expanses of mallee scrub with a drink in your hand, is definitely one of the highlights.

Scheduled dates

Our field programs at Little Desert are conducted on request. Please contact us for a full program and pricing.

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