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Tours Currently in Progress

Magical Malaysia Bird Photography Tour 2020

Day 0:
Our inaugural Malaysia bird photography tour is about to commence. Having run our usual Peninsular Malaysia birding tour here for many years, we thought it was time to put on a tour dedicated to the fantastic photographic opportunities Malaysia offers! After arriving in Kuala Lumpur and a short transfer to our hotel a lively welcome dinner was enjoyed by all participants, and anticipation for the upcoming trip was high!

Tour Tweets

BellbirdBirdingTours @BirdsTours
Bellbird Bird Trivia: The club-winged manakin has the unique ability to produce sound by means of their wings - via stridulation. Each wing of the club-winged manakin has one feather with a series of at least seven ridges along its central vane. #birdtrivia #birdingtour
h J R
BellbirdBirdingTours @BirdsTours
Painted Finch was one of the final highlights of Bellbird's Comfy Grasswren tour that finished yesterday in Mt Isa, Qld having travelled all the way through the outback from Adelaide, SA with guide Michael Greenshields #bellbirdtours
h J R
BellbirdBirdingTours @BirdsTours
Last day of our Comfy Grasswren tour from Adelaide, SA to Mt Isa, Qld: our guide Michael Greenshields found both Kalkadoon & Carpentarian (pictured) Grasswrens for the (stoked!) group near Mt Isa! #bellbirdtours
h J R
BellbirdBirdingTours @BirdsTours
New stock in store now! Last batch available before they are out of print. Order yours now or buy for a friend, Xmas present or just because!
h J R
BellbirdBirdingTours @BirdsTours
Black Falcon near its nest tree, near Boulia, Qld, during our current Comfy 9 Grasswren tour! #bellbirdtours
h J R
BellbirdBirdingTours @BirdsTours
Bellbird Tour guide Michael Greenshields just keeps on delivering! Today, the group saw ~1000 Flock Bronzewings, a pair of nesting Black Falcons and multiple nesting Letter-winged Kites (pictures) near Boulia, Qld! #bellbirdtours
h J R

Recent Photos

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Bellbird Blog

  • Special Six Grasswren Tour – October 2020 - Due to Covid-19 and state border restrictions we had to juggle the usual tour itinerary around quite a bit to accommodate participants from various states. We ended up foregoing the usual Strzelecki track itinerary, which traverses 4 states, instead birding the Birdsville track and splitting the group in two, with one group starting in Mount Isa, Qld and heading south to Adelaide, led by Peter Waanders, and the other group starting in Adelaide, SA and heading north, led by Michael Greenshields, meeting up with the first group on the Birdsville track in SA, and from there on we birded together on our way and eventually back to Adelaide. A total of 155 outback species were seen by Michael’s group including 5 Grasswren species, and 206 species were seen by Peter’s group including 7 Grasswren species.
  • scarlet-chested parrot The Scarlet-Chested Parrots of Gluepot - ON A COLD EARLY winter morning at Birdlife Australia’s Gluepot Reserve, a small procession of birdwatchers could be seen hiking through the fog. The first rays of the rising sun reflected off their tripods and binoculars. Their destination: a natural clearing in this 54,390 ha, arid mallee reserve. After driving for almost two hours over […]
  • Exotic Ethiopia Tour – February 2020 - Tour overview A birding paradise if there ever was one, Ethiopia is a somewhat recent arrival on the scene of birding destinations. Exotic and unspoiled by modern tourism, this country is safe and comfortable, with the birds plentiful and approachable. All up, 321 species of birds were seen during these 12 action-packed days. In addition, […]
  • Magical Malaysia Bird Photography Tour – February 2020 - Tour overview This small group photography tour was based on our long-running Peninsular Malaysia birding tour, redesigned to allow for the best photographic opportunities of Malaysia’s fantastic birdlife. With our Australian and our local guide working as a team our clients were able to obtain high quality images of iconic birds like Hornbills, Woodpeckers, Kingfishers, […]
  • Exploratory Birding and Wildlife Tour, organised by the Uganda Tourism Board - Tour overview Peter and Helga did an exploratory tour of Uganda, a most outstanding destination for birders and wildlife enthusiasts. This tour was organised by the Uganda Tourism Board and together with 8 other participants we were shown the natural highlights of this country. Uganda is known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ and it did […]

Scheduled Tours

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Peter Was Great!

“Peter was great, so knowledgeable and knew what was in his area we really enjoyed our time with him”

T Franks - UK
6-day Private Tour
Aug 2011

Knows His Species

“Peter is a good guide, and knows his species”

Pieter van der Luit - Netherlands
October 2002

Excellent Species!

“A fabulous trip with excellent species!”

Dick Holworth - UK
November 2004

Great Value for Money

“Great value for money, I would never have found these species myself”

Jules Bos - Netherlands
September 2005

A Very Successful Day

“I enjoyed Gluepot and your knowledge of it made it a very successful day”

John Rogers - Australia
November 2005

Peter Did an Excellent Job

“We’d been to Gluepot twice before, but despite three days of searching and following tips, we missed a number of crucial birds. Peter did an excellent job of finding all five lifers on our list, and then found us another 4 lifers we hadn’t expected to see!”

Neil Boyle - Canada
November 2005

I Can Thoroughly Recommend His Services

“Peter’s knowledge of the birds and the sites is excellent and I can thoroughly recommend his services”

Mike Catsis - UK
August 2006

A Great Day Birding

“Many thanks for a great day birding, 22 trip ticks including 12 lifers, it will take some beating! The most pleasurable thing was being able to get great views of all the birds”

Richard Banham, UK/Spain
November 2006

Thanks for Doing Such a Good Job

“Thanks for doing such a good job of guiding us – yes, I do know who to recommend as a bird guide in South Australia!”

Stephen F. Bailey - USA
December 2006

Gluepot beats the Daintree!

“Thanks for some of the best birding I’ve ever done – Gluepot beats the Daintree!”

Wayne Twydle - NZ
September 2007

Great Work Peter

“Great work Peter – fabulous views of all our main target species”

Pete Morris, BirdQuest - UK
October 2007

Absolutely Fantastic!

“Absolutely fantastic – all my targets seen, and great views!”

Arjen Brenkman, Netherlands
October 2007

Unique Birds

“Thanks very much for showing us South Australia and its unique birds”

Earl Rathbun - USA
6-day private tour
October 2008


“It is difficult to find sufficient superlatives to describe the trip!”

Sue & Peter Jenkins - UK
4-day private tour
October 2008

We Would Never Have Found These Grasswrens

“We would never have found these grasswrens, or visited some of these places, by ourselves”

Robert Wynands - Germany
Highlights of SA 6-day tour
December 2008

A Real Eye-Opener

“Thank you for a fascinating week, which was a real eye-opener. There was just so much to take in – birds, scenery, geology, plants… Thank you for all your efforts”

Irena Henderson - UK
Highlights of SA 6-day tour
Aug 2009

We All Thoroughly Enjoyed It

“Thank you for a wonderful trip and for all your hard work. We all thoroughly enjoyed it”

Edward Cawley - Australia
Highlights of SA 6-day tour
Sept 2009

Happy and Exciting Time

“Your Highlights tour was great with such a hardworking and keen guide as yourself I had a really happy and exciting time”

Ruth Brozek - Australia
Highlights of SA 6-day tour
Oct 2009

Top Quality Birds

“I’ve never been to a site with so many top quality birds in such a short time anywhere in Australia”

M Lord - Australia
Five Grasswren tour
Nov 2009

Very Enjoyable and Extremely Productive

“Thank you for the bird guiding. Both days were both very enjoyable and extremely productive. We really appreciated the trouble that you took to ensure that we saw as many (virtually all in fact!) of our ‘wanted’ species!”

R Brace, UK
Dec 2009

Wonderful Trip!

“Thank you again for a wonderful trip last week. We were very fortunate!”

D Frederick - Australia
private 5-Grasswren tour
Sept 2010

Top Birding Moments

“Thank you for being part of my top birding moments of 2010”

U Gotthardson - Sweden
Five Grasswren tour
Oct 2010

Very Impressive!

“Thanks again to Helga for the very enjoyable day we had with you at Gluepot. Your knowledge of the bird calls and ability to pick the direction of the calls was very impressive!”

R Wescott - Australia
November 2010

Thanks Peter!`

“Thanks Peter, we had a great trip, and lots of photos”

A Low - Singapore
3-day private tour
Apr 2011

Great Time

“Thank you again for the great time I had last week! I saw 45 new birds thanks to your in depth knowledge…”

A Schulte - Germany
6-day Five Grasswren tour
Jun 2011

Truly Legendary Birds!

“Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the trip. I saw some truely legendary birds!”

S Summers - Australia
6-day Five Grasswren tour
Jun 2011

Ticked All Boxes for Me

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the recent 5 Grasswren trip. It ticked all boxes for me. The trip was really well paced and I loved your flexibility and the way you responded to all our various wish-lists. Our birding at Gluepot was one of the most fantastic days birding I have ever experienced.”

J Broadberry - Australia
6-day Five Grasswren tour
Oct 2011

Best Vehicles and Equipment

“You have the best vehicles and equipment of any Australian birding tour I’ve been on…”

A Wright - Australia
6-day Five Grasswren tour
Oct 2011

Enjoyed the Trip

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the recent 5 Grasswren trip. It ticked all boxes for me. The trip was really well paced and I loved your flexibility and the way you responded to all our various wish-lists. Our birding at Gluepot was one of the most fantastic days birding I have ever experienced.

J Broadberry - AUSTRALIA
5 Grasswren
October 2011

I Felt Very Safe

“Thank you for a fantastic experience. I felt very safe and confident with your highly skilled driving and excellent guiding.”

M Moxon - Australia
Private Five Grasswren Tour
Nov 2011

Exceptional Skills!

“It’s good to meet someone with such exceptional skills in bird watching!”

L Peters - Australia
May 2012


“Thank you very much for a most enjoyable and successful trip. I did not expect to see Grey Falcon. Wonderful!”

S Taylor - Australia
6 Grasswren Tour
Jun 2012

Great Fun!

Thanks for a splendid trip that was full of interest and great fun. You did a fine job getting us on many great birds – not to mention the odd letter winged kite or two…!

J Hollyhead - UK
private Grasswren tour
September 2012

A Splendid Trip

“Thanks for a splendid trip that was full of interest and great fun. You did a fine job getting us on many great birds – not to mention the odd letter winged kite or two…!”

J Hollyhead - UK
Private Grasswren Tour
Sept 2012

One of the Very Best Days of Birding

“Thanks to both Peter and Helga for one of the very best days of birding we had during the entire month we were in Australia!”

J & K Munthe - USA
Oct 2012

The Best Time

“Thank you for the days birding at Lyndhurst and Gluepot. We had the best time and came home with memories that will stay with us forever”

T & L Pratt - USA
Private Tour
Nov 2012

Fascinating Country!

“Thank you very much again for the tour and introduction to this fascinating country.”

J Thiollay - France
Great Southern Tour
Dec 2012

A Really Good One

“My tour has been a really good one, and Peter contributed a lot to its success. Thank you so much!”

C Rowekamp - Germany
Feb 2013

Full and Knowledgeable

Thank you greatly for a full and knowledgeable tour of Gluepot. We had a thoroughly enjoyable birding day. Your knowledge of bird habits and calls is exceptional

Assoc Prof David & Roma Bell - Aus/USA
May 2013

I Got a Record 26 Lifers

“Last week we had a fantastic day’s birding at Gluepot Reserve. Thanks to our wonderful guide, Helga, I got a record 26 lifers!”

C Cooke - S. Africa/NZ
October 2013

Excellent and Pleasurable

“Many thanks for an excellent and pleasurable couple of days birding in SA!”

J & P Smallwood - UK
2-day private tour
Oct 2013

Thank You!

Thank you again for finding so many birds for us this week. Your time with us was really special. We will remember it always.

C. & S. Magee - USA
6-day private tour
October 2013

A Very Rewarding Experience

“82 species for the day, including a few lifers! Steve’s knowledge, skill and quick recognition of species make for a very rewarding birding experience”

A Brown - USA
November 2013


“Thank you for the Gluepot Reserve birding tour. The sighting of Red-lored Whistler and Black-eared Miner made the trip worthwhile. Helga has looked after me well during the tour.”

R Wong - Australia
November 2013

Majestic Gluepot

Thank you for the Gluepot birding tour. The sighting of Red-lored Whistler and Black-eared Miner made the trip worthwhile. Helga looked after me very well during the tour.

R Wong - Australia
November 2013

Great Nine Grasswren tour!

Thanks again for a great Nine Grasswren tour!

P Crane - Aus
Nine Grasswren Tour
Aug 2014


A brief personal note of thanks: we were delighted with the entire Nine Grasswren Tour. I believe you set an inspirational yet practical example.

P & A Kabel - Aus
Nine Grasswren Tour
Aug 2014

Enjoyed Our Week

We enjoyed our week with Steve. He looked after us really well, making sure we saw the birds and realizing we wanted to see other things as well as the birds. The trip suited us very well, giving us time to soak in the outback once again.

J & H Plowright - Aus
Sep 2014

A Wonderful Tour

Thank you for such a wonderful tour. We both really enjoyed our time with you and the day at Gluepot was just magical, one special bird right after another; the memories will stay with us for a long time. The wide open spaces of the Outback and the scenic Flinders Ranges were also highlights.

B & P Wilson - UK
Dec 2014

This Trip the Best one Ever

I would like to thank all of you for your patience, guidance, knowledge and for making this trip the best one ever. You have all contributed to realizing my dream. I do hope we will have the opportunity to see some more feathered beauties together in the future.

A Coenen - Belgium
Dec 2015

Spectacular Birds!

Thanks Tim, for a great birding trip! It was a wonderful time, with so many spectacular birds!

Roger and Kathy - USA
November 2016

Great Birds!

Really enjoyed the trip, the company and all the great birds we saw.

Christine - UK
South-west Endemics Tour
Dec 2017

Superb Tour

Thank you both for a superb tour.  Great birds, great views of all the skulkers, great group and beautiful countryside.

Ian and Diana - UK
South-west Endemics Tour
Dec 2017

Everything Worked Out Excellently!

Thanks for the excellent tour.  Everything worked out excellently and we really enjoyed the company of everyone.

John & Mary - UK
South-west Endemics Tour
Dec 2017

Great Time

Many thanks for a great time in SW Western Australia!  I saw at least 29 new birds.

Jean - AUS
South-west Endemics Tour
Dec 2017

Great birds, great views

Peter never fails to deliver, we saw everything that was expected and more, and had great views of all of them , including the three skulkers!

Richard - NZ
SW Endemics
November 2017

Excellent Guiding and Company

Thanks for such an enjoyable trip with excellent guiding and company. The birding, guiding, itinerary, accommodation and meals were first class. I would not hesitate to arrange another birding trip with Bellbird tours.

George - UK
Private SA Highlights Tour
March 2018

Amazing Week!

Thanks for an amazing week full of great birding, scenery and company!

Rose - Australia
Western SA Splits & Specialties Tour
May 2018

A Great Tour!

Thanks for a great tour, looking forward to doing another tour with Bellbird soon!

Rob - Australia
Western SA Splits & Specialties Tour
May 2018

Ticked off so many of my Bucket List Items!

Thank you for the trip, it was fantastic and ticked off so many of my bucket list items.
It was a very well organised, seamless operation that allowed every-one to make the most of the wildlife on offer.

Paul - Australia
Sabah-Borneo Tour
June 2018

Thanks for the Enthusiasm!

Thanks Peter for your guiding and driving and enthusiasm!

Robin - Australia
9 Grasswren Tour

All needs are met!

Thanks especially to Peter for his expertise, driving, finding birds and arranging for all our needs to be met.

Lyn - Australia
9 Grasswren Tour

Tremendous Amount of Work

Thanks to Peter for the tremendous amount of work put in (both before and during the trip) and to you all for making it fun.

John - Australia
9 Grasswren Tour

Loved Every Minute of the Adventure

Thank you and the Crew who made our trip, so great after all my dramas. Photographed lots of new birds and nearly walked our old legs off. Loved every minute of the adventure.

Glen and Iris - Australia
Mallee Photo Tour
September 2018

We enjoyed it immensely.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the trip. We enjoyed it immensely.

Neil, Jeff & Joy - USA/UK
Private Outback/Grasswren Tour
Sept 2018

It’s Whet My Appetite!

“Thank you very much for an excellent day ! Really enjoyed it and delighted to see these difficult species. It’s whet my appetite for more grasswrens!

Tony - UK
Mallee Birding Day Tour
October 2018

I can’t thank you enough!

I can’t thank you enough for your exceptional birding tour. I was very impressed by your professionalism as a guide and Bellbird being a well-run company is the other necessary component for success.

Carol and David - USA
private SA tour with Steve Potter
November 2018

An impressive list of birds seen!

Thank you very much for a wonderful day’s birding. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and your company. We came away understanding a lot more about the various species and their environments along with an impressive list of birds seen.

Ivor & Linda - UK
Adelaide day tour with Peter Waanders
November 2018

The best tour I’ve had in my 40 years of birding!

Our day tour with your guide in Sydney was the best tour I’ve had in my 40 years of birding. We visually saw over 100 birds and heard several others. Your guide was great and his knowledge of the bird calls was exceptional. I would highly recommend you as a guide for the Sydney area even for older folks like us.

Greg & Elizabeth - USA
Sydney day tour with Greg
November 2018

Most Instructive Tour

Many thanks for a thoughtful itinerary which gave us a chance to enjoy the varied aspects of your part of Australia. It was a most instructive tour – we saw so many many interesting animals, birds and plants, we were very happy!

Mr Sehnaoui, Mrs Burrows & Family - France
Private 2-day Tour, Riverland, SA

Awesome Day!

My lifer tally for the day was 66! Thanks for making it such as awesome day.

Jared & Sarah - USA
Adelaide day tour
March 2019

Enjoyed The Trip!

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and appreciated your patience, care and concern for our wellbeing and enjoyment at all times.

Pam - Australia
Thailand Tour

A Wonderful Tour

Thanks again for a wonderful tour. I not only saw the birds I wanted to see but also some very beautiful countryside.

Tania - Aus
Western SA Splits & Specialties Tour
May 2019

5 New Birds on My List

Thanks so much for a great tour. I now have 5 new birds on my list!

Judy - Aus
Western SA Splits & Specialties Tour
May 2019

Fantastic 3 Days Sydney Tour

We had a fantastic 3 days Sydney tour with Greg McLachlan. He is very passionate about birding and really, really knowledgeable. His ability to identify the birds in the area by sound is really quite phenomenal. Thank you so very much!

George, Jes, Andre & Teddy - USA
Private Sydney Tour
June 2019

A Wonderful Trip

Thank you for a wonderful trip, and great birds. Really appreciate all the effort that you put in to make it work so well.

Ann M. - Aus
9 Grasswren tour
July 2019

A Memorable Trip

Thanks to Bellbird and Steve for a memorable trip to Far North Queensland!

Terry - Aus
Tropical & Far North Queensland tour
July 2019

The Birds Were Very Good!

We want to thank you for a great trip. We had a good time, all arrangements worked well and best of all, the birds were very good!

Ann and Bob - USA
Red Centre & 9 Grasswren tours
July 2019

The trip went very well.

The trip went very well. Steve is a first rate guide and tour leader and his efforts were outstanding.

Das + 4 others - Aus
Private Grey Falcon-Letterwinged Kite tour
Aug 2019

A Great Day Out

We had a great day out with Des. He is a most amiable and knowledgeable guide and I’d thoroughly recommend him.

Andy - UK
Day tour from Perth, WA
Aug 2019

Great Tour!

What a great job your guide did for us. We got both the Chestnut-breasted Whiteface and Grey Honeyeater. Plus we had the best breakfast I’ve ever had on a birding tour! Thanks for this great tour.

Rob - Aus
Chestnut-breasted Whiteface & Grey Honeyeater tour
Aug 2019

A Wonderful Trip of Outback Birding

Thank you for a wonderful trip of outback birding and seeing a unique part of Australia!

Jane & Kevin - Aus
Comfortable 9 Grasswren tour
Aug 2019

Wonderful trip!

Wonderful trip, above expectations, worth every cent!

Margareta - Aus
Top End Birding Adventure
Sep 2019

Birding Career Highlight!

The highlight of my birding career!

Brian D. - Aus
Grey-Falcon / Letter-winged Kite tour
Sep 2019

Exceeded Expectations!

Exceeded all my expectations!

Michael L. - Aus
Grey-Falcon / Letter-winged Kite tour
Sep 2019

A Wonderful Guide

Peter is a wonderful guide and great birder with vast experience

Bud A - USA
Private Grey-Falcon tour
Sep 2019

A Fantastic 4 Days of Birding

Rob and I would like to thank you, Helga and Peter for a fantastic 4 days of birding.  Both the company and the birding were terrific. We will definitely use Bellbird again.

Robyn & John, Aus
4-day private SA Tour
Sept 2019

Amazing Experience!

It was an absolutely amazing experience!

Andrew M. - Aus
Grey-Falcon / Letter-winged Kite tour
Sep 2019

A Perfect Trip

We had such a great trip. Steve is an incredible guide. I am still awed by how many birds we saw and all the amazing places. Thank you for much for making our trip so perfect.

Kathy & Anna, USA
Private Australia Tour
Sep 2019

A Marvelous Time!

I had a marvelous time birding around Melbourne with your guide Tim!

Vick - USA
Nov 2019

I’ll Always Remember It

Thanks for a wonderful trip. I’ll always remember it fondly. The variety of birds seen was impressive!

Ron W - Aus
Great Southern tour
Nov 2019

A Wonderful Day’s Birding

Thank you for a wonderful day’s birding. We were very pleased with the new birds we saw. Your knowledge and never give up attitude was a key to that outcome.

Anne & David
Mallee day tour with guide Helga
Nov 2019

A Wonderful Tour

We had a wonderful tour of the Victoria area of Australia with our guides Angus McNab and Tim Dolby as they shared their knowledge of the birds, wildlife and the history of Australia.

Mark & wife, USA
Private Birding Tour of Victoria
Nov 2019

Very Happy Clients

We’re very happy clients! It was a fantastic trip, with excellent views of all the species we were after and plenty more. We would certainly recommend Peter to anyone else!

Kevin & Lizzie, Australia
Private Outback Birding Tour
June 2020

Great birding

Thank you for the tour last week! Great birding with you!

Tony, Australia
Private outback birding tour
Sept 2020

A Truly Amazing Experience!

Our 9 day Grasswren tour with the awesome Peter Waanders was a truly amazing experience! Thanks to Peter for finding all target Grasswren species for us and over 200 other outback bird species, including Grey & Black Falcon, Flock Bronzewing, Banded Whiteface, Gibberbird, Inland Dotterel etc etc! We made friends with our like-minded traveling companions and
had some good laughs along the way.

Linda & Peter, Australia
Outback Grasswren Tour
Oct 2020

A lovely weekend!

Thanks for organising such a lovely weekend for us with some pretty special moments.

Joy - Australia
Mallee Bird Photo Weekend
Oct 2020

An Excellent Days Birding

Thanks so much for an excellent days birding. Michael is a great guide who is an asset to Bellbird Tours.

David - Australia
Adelaide area day tour with guide Michael
Feb 2021

A very Pleasant Group to Be With

Thanks Peter. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and it was a very pleasant group to be with. Thanks as well for your excellent organization.

Peter - Australia
Western SA Splits & Specialties tour
April 2021

Most Pleasant Tour

Thanks again for a most pleasant tour. I enjoyed the company and your wonderful expertise.

Glenda - Australia
Western SA Splits & Specialties tour
April 2021

The Birds, Country and Company Were Excellent!

Thank you for a great tour, your efforts are very much appreciated – the birds, country and company were excellent.

Peter - Australia
Comfortable 9 Grasswren tour
May 2021

Good Time!

Thank you Peter and Helga for a great tour, I had a monstrously good time!

Margareta - Australia
Comfortable 9 Grasswren tour
May 2021

A ‘Comfortable’ Trip

We had a great time on the tour – you and Helga made it memorable in many ways! The birds, the organisation, driving, food and companionship, it was truly a ‘comfortable’ trip that exceeded our expectations.

Jane & Chris - Australia
Comfortable 9 Grasswren tour
May 2021

Expert Guiding

Thanks for the expert guiding and incredibly (to us mere mortals) sharp observation skills.

Andrew - Australia
Comfortable 9 Grasswren tour
June 2021

Fantastic Trip

It was a fantastic trip thanks to Tim and Helga and everyone in the Bellbird team.

Teo - Australia
Tropical Far North Queensland tour
Aug 2021

Absolutely Cracking Birds!

One of the best trips I’ve done: great adventure, top comradeship & absolutely cracking birds!

Matt - Australia
Outback Grasswren tour
Aug 2021