The June 2010 Southern Birding Services private Five Grasswren tour was, according to the participants, ‘the stuff of legends’. Day after day, rarity after rarity, in stunning scenery following excellent conditions not seen in over 20 years, it was hard to choose a single highlight of the trip –there were just too many. A brilliantly coloured male Red-lored Whistler singing its head off in the mallee eucalypt scrub. Two pairs of Letter-winged Kites on their nests in the desert. Six Chestnut-breasted Whitefaces in the mild early-morning light at some 10m distance in the scope…. A pair of Gibberbirds mating. A family group of Cinnamon Quail-thrush quietly feeding within metres of the vehicle. The calm waters of a large swamp, flooded for the first time in over a decade, where the constant chatter of ibis and spoonbill rookeries provided a background chorus to the crippling views of Grey Grasswren sitting atop lignum bushes in the foreground. Eyrean Grasswrens running along the crest of a wildflower-covered red sand dune in the late afternoon sunlight. A perfect Grey Falcon on a communications tower sitting beside its nest…. Birding doesn’t get much better than this.