This report covers a week’s birding trip to north-western Thailand undertaken by Peter Waanders, Bruce Wedderburn and Stijn de Win. The trip, during early March 2008, was timed to maximize the species list, by capturing both the migratory season and the start of the breeding season for resident species. The weather during the trip was dry and warm (with one early morning shower) – although higher up in the mountains it was of course cooler, with the summit of Doi Inthanon being remarkably cold. We had hired a Toyota Hilux 4WD and Stijn de Win, who had done a lot of birding in Thailand in recent years, had organised the itinerary and was to be our guide. Species names in this report follow Clements but in some cases I have given alternative names in brackets. I recorded a total of 256 species, a whopping 136 of which were lifers for me. An additional 25 species were heard only, of which 9 would have been lifers for me.