Melbourne Area Guided Birding

A day’s birding in the greater Melbourne area can be very productive thanks to the various habitats and environments such as dense forests, farmland, riverine & littoral habitats, remnant pockets of native vegetation, and rural & urban environments. Each of these attract their own bird species such as various raptors, parrots & lorikeets, honeyeaters, robins and flycatchers to name a few.

The Dandenong ranges behind the city harbour Superb Lyrebird, Pink Robin, Red-browed Treecreeper, Satin Bowerbird and many secretive bush birds. One of Melbourne’s star attractions is the Western Treatment Plant, a vast complex of lagoons, swamps, waterways, grasslands and coastal shoreline. An abundance of waders and waterbirds take advantage of these food-rich wetlands for feeding, with nearby areas of higher ground for roosting. Apart from most southern Australian waterfowl species, less common birds to be found here include Golden-headed Cisticola, Striated Fieldwren, Lewin’s Rail, Fairy Tern, Blue-winged Parrot, Black Falcon and many more.

Our local guide is available to take you out birding for any duration. During a “Big Day” we combine as many habitats as possible to maximise the number of species seen, and is more than likely to achieve a count of at least 100-120 species. In spring and early summer this tally can easily be more as southern Victoria is visited by several migratory species.

If required, trips of more than a single day or consecutive day’s birding can be arranged throughout Victoria, visiting locations further afield, such as the central Victorian Box-Ironbark Forests and Mallee regions, which have their own special birds and offer the chance of seeing some more uncommon species not found in the vicinity of Melbourne.

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