Gluepot Reserve Guided Birding

Birdlife Australia’s Gluepot Reserve contains no less than 6 nationally endangered bird species and a unique flora and fauna adapted to the harsh conditions of the semi-arid South Australian mallee-eucalypt zone. Protecting over 50,000 ha of virgin mallee eucalypt scrub, Gluepot is considered to be one of the crown jewels in Australia’s reserve system. Gluepot’s relative accessibility means it is one of the few areas in Australia where birdwatchers can observe otherwise hard-to-find species.

A guided birding tour of Gluepot Reserve is the best way to find most, if not all, of the area’s sought-after species. Expect to find some, if not all, of the following species: Malleefowl, Scarlet-chested Parrot, Mulga Parrot, Regent Parrot, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, Red-lored, Gilberts & Rufous Whistler, Chestnut Quail-thrush, Southern Scrubrobin, Black-eared Miner, Striated Grasswren and Shy Heathwren.

Your guide, Peter Waanders, has a long-standing involvement with management and monitoring at Gluepot Reserve and we have taken countless birdwatchers out there over more than ten years. Read their testimonials.

Still want to go to Gluepot by yourself? Consider the following: (1) most times you need a 4WD vehicle; (2) most car rental companies don’t allow their vehicles off official roads; (3) in this semi-arid environment, birds are always on the move, and where they were last year, or even last month, may not be where they are today; (4) you’ll need a GPS or compass so you don’t get lost; (5) there’s no mobile/cell phone service out there if you do get lost; (6) we know where the birds are: we can confidently say that we spend more time out there chasing birds than anyone else…!

Article by a top British wildlife writer about a day’s guided birding at Gluepot with us

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