Peter Waanders established Bellbird Birding Tours in 2013. It is the successor to Southern Birding Services, which Peter established in 2005, which started by offering bird guiding in South Australia. Due to demand Bellbird Birding Tours was created to offer a wide range of top quality, small group birding tours throughout Australia and beyond, led by passionate, experienced and professional local guides. Browse our website to see what’s on offer!
Peter has been conducting professional bird guiding trips since 2002 and has pioneered many off-the-beaten track birding destinations. To cope with the increasing demand, the Bellbird team has continued to grow, with Helga Kieskamp, David Kowalick, Michael Greenshields and Steve Potter guiding for us in South Australia. Other guides we use around Australia include Tonia Cochran (Tasmania), Peter Taylor and Des Hume (Western Australia), Mark Carter (Alice Springs), Laurie Ross and Mike Jarvis (Darwin), Tim Dolby and Angus McNab in Victoria, Greg McLachlan in NSW and Elliot Leach in Qld. All our guides are fully qualified birding guides with current Senior First Aid certificates and Advanced 4WD vehicle training. Your safety is important and on all our trips a satellite phone, GPS and up-to-date first aid gear is carried. Scroll down to meet our guides!

Peter Waanders

Peter has been an avid birdwatcher since age 10. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Peter obtained a B Sc degree in Environmental Management and has worked in National Park management planning in the Czech Republic, ecological research in the Netherlands and Australia, and natural resource management planning and environmental project management in Australia.

Peter has travelled extensively to over 40 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Pacific in pursuit of his main interests: birdwatching and nature photography. His life list of bird species currently totals almost 4,500 and his collection of digital images exceeds 50,000. In 1996 Peter moved permanently to Australia and was employed by a semi-government catchment management authority to manage large environmental projects with a focus on floodplains, wetlands and biodiversity. Peter started conducting professional bird guiding trips in 2002 and is now full-time managing a very successful bird guiding and tour business, Bellbird Tours, showing birders the unique, rare or hard-to-find species of Australia and beyond.

Testimonials for Peter
“Thank you again for finding so many birds for us this week. Your time with us was really special. We will remember it always” C. & S. Magee, USA, 6-day private tour, October 2013 More
“Thanks for a great 9 Grasswren tour. I’m heading home with 34 new ticks and it was great to have 2 very good guides!” P Crane, Australia, Nine Grasswren tour, July 2012 “Thank you greatly for a full and knowledgeable tour of Gluepot. We had a thoroughly enjoyable birding day. Your knowledge of bird habits and calls is exceptional” Assoc Prof David & Roma Bell, Aus/USA, May 2013 “Thanks for a splendid trip that was full of interest and great fun. You did a fine job getting us on many great birds – not to mention the odd letter winged kite or two…!” J Hollyhead, UK, private Grasswren tour, September 2012 “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the recent 5 Grasswren trip. It ticked all boxes for me. The trip was really well paced and I loved your flexibility and the way you responded to all our various wish-lists. Our birding at Gluepot was one of the most fantastic days birding I have ever experienced.” J Broadberry, Australia, Six Grasswren tour, October 2011 “I’ve never been to a site with so many top quality birds in such a short time anywhere in Australia” (M Lord, Australia, Six Grasswren tour, November 2009

Helga Kieskamp became a birder upon moving to Australia from the Netherlands in 1997. Helga has a Bachelor Degree in Museum Studies and has studied Eco-tourism and Conservation and Land Management.

After working for many years at Biological Services in Loxton (SA), producing beneficial insects and mites for horticultural enterprises to aid in pest control she became a freelance environmental contractor undertaking numerous projects including studying the endangered Regent Parrot, conducting bird surveys and running bird monitoring training workshops. She has been working for Berri-Barmera Landcare since 2012. Helga is a keen bird photographer and has co-led many outback bird tours for Bellbird Birding Tours, and has been guiding for us since 2011.

Testimonials for Helga
“Thanks very much for a great trip to Gluepot with Helga. Everything went really well, Helga was great, and we saw 7 species we hadn’t seen before. Terrific. You’ll hear from me again!” Kerry, Australia, September 2022 More
“Hi Helga, thanks for a great day at Gluepot today!! I had an absolute blast!” G McLeod, Australia, July 2014 “Thank you again for a great day – both the guiding and conversation were very good. Final count is 9 lifers!” P Crane, Australia, April 2014 “Thank you for the great birding tour. The sighting of Red-lored Whistler and Black-eared Miner made the trip worthwhile. Helga looked after me very well during the tour.” R Wong, Australia, November 2013 “Last week we had a fantastic day’s birding at Gluepot Reserve. Thanks to our wonderful guide, Helga Kieskamp, I got a record 26 lifers!” C. Cooke, South Africa/NZ, October 2013 “Thanks for one of the very best days of birding we had during the entire month we were in Australia!” J & K Munthe, USA, October 2012

Helga Kieskamp

Steve Potter

Steve Potter was born and raised in South Australia, and always had a passion for the outdoors with a keen interest in wildlife. His first introduction to birding however, was during a three year stint as a teenager, while his parents worked in Malawi, Central Africa. He started guiding with small groups around the Zomba Plateau, and the Liwonde National Park. Here Steve honed his identification skills and understanding of birdlife in general, also travelling to Zimbabwe, Kenya, Swaziland, South Africa and Madagascar.

Since his return he has travelled extensively around Australia adding over 620 species from the mainland. He has also been active visiting Australia’s neighbours, birding regularly in South-east Asia. Steve is also a keen surfer, photographer and traveller and has been guiding for Bellbird Birding Tours since 2013. Steve also leads many of our Australia tours as well as our Indonesia and Thailand tours.

Testimonials for Steve
“82 species for the day, including a few lifers! Steve’s knowledge, skill and quick recognition of species make for a very rewarding birding experience” A Brown, USA, November 2013 More
“All up 118 species. A great day with excellent company!” P. Webb, USA, December 2013 “A brilliant day out birding, thanks Steve!” B. Gordon, Canada, January 2014

David Kowalick has been an outdoors enthusiast since he was a child. He was mainly interested in observing and propagating native plants and had a general interest in natural history. At age 22 David received a pair of binoculars as a gift and the very first bird he observed through them was a Rainbow Bee-eater, and that was it—he was hooked. Since then David has lived in Darwin, Sydney and now Adelaide and has birded extensively across Australia, Asia and North America. David’s favorite birds are the endemic Grasswrens found across the remote inland areas of Australia.Now based in Adelaide, David enjoys guiding in the many varied habitats of South Australia which include coastal wetlands, eucalypt woodlands, mallee scrub and freshwater wetlands. He also has extensive experience guiding in many other regions across Australia.

Testimonials for David
“Thank you for yesterday, it was an incredibly memorable day I will cherish for a lifetime! We have many fine pictures and are the envy of our group, plus my list will be greatly increased!” Debbie S – USA, Adelaide area private tour – Oct 2016 More

David Kowalick

Michael Greenshields

Michael Greenshields spent his childhood in rural South Australia and spent family holidays in all areas of regional and outback Australia. He now loves to take his young family around Australia instilling the same interest in nature into his children. His passion for the flora and fauna of Australia is evident to everyone.

His introduction to birding came at age 19 when visiting a local wetland and he found a Black Fronted Dotterel pretending to be injured to protect its nest, his interest was immediately piqued and his obsession has grown ever since.

He was fortunate enough that early in his career as a chef he got positions that took him around Australia and further afield to New Zealand and Uganda where he discovered the pleasures of international birding. Birding has now taken him to many countries across 4 continents.

Anyone who asks, will be informed that he has the greatest job in the world, currently guiding full-time for Bellbird Tours and is particularly passionate about taking people to the far-flung, hard to reach, rarely birded areas of Australia.

His personal highlights from guiding with Bellbird include a flock of Princess Parrots in the sand dunes near Uluru and finding 3 separate Grasswren species in a single day more than once!

Testimonials for Michael
“Thank you for a great day birding, 8 lifers for an Australian list of 672. Looking forward to coming back to do more birding with you next year!” Bob D, USA, December 2019 More

Tim Dolby is a well-known Australian birdwatcher and former Convener of BirdLife Australia in Victoria. Tim has lectured at a range of major Australian universities, and has authored several bestselling bird books. These include Finding Australian Birds: A Field Guide (CSIRO, 2014) and Where to See Birds in Victoria (Allen & Unwin, 2009).

Tim organises the celebrated birdwatching event, the Australian Twitchathon (a Big Day event) and moderates the Australian Birdlines. Tim has birded and guided for many years across Australia and provides a wealth of information for both local and visiting international birdwatchers.

Testimonials for David
“Thanks Tim, for a great birding trip! It was a wonderful time, with so many spectacular birds!” Roger and Kathy Horn, New Jersey Nov 2016 More
“I have many fond memories of the four days we spent searching for our feathered friends. What stands out to me is your incredible ear and eyesight!” Jeff Zupan, USA, July 2017, 4-day private tour Lamington NP and surrounds

Tim Dolby

Meet our associated guides

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor

Peter's passion is observing and photographing birds in South-West WA, where he leads our tour.
Tonia Cochran

Tonia Cochran

Tonia or one of her Tasmanian colleagues leads our Tasmania tour.
Mark Carter

Mark Carter

Alice Springs-based birder and zoologist Mark Carter leads our Red Centre Adventure.
Craig Greer

Craig Greer

Craig is passionate about birding and bird photography and pays considerable attention to detail, with plenty of patience and time. He offers private guiding around Adelaide, SA and further afield.
Des Hume

Des Hume

Des has spent most of his life working with Australian birds. His passion for our natural world drives him to share the birds of WA with our clients.
Greg McLachlan

Greg McLachlan

A Sydney birder, Greg is knowledgeable, experienced and skillful in finding and ID'ing birds in the wider Sydney area for our clients.
Elliot Leach

Elliot Leach

Elliot Leach is a birder and ecologist based in Brisbane who leads our tours in Queensland.
Angus McNab

Angus McNab

Angus, an experienced national and international ecologist and wildlife biologist, guides for us in Victoria.

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